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(Like, Totally) Paige and Sage
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"Like, totally Paige and Sage!"


Paige & Sage is a "spot the difference" game where two identical Barbie doll twins are in a seemingly identical world, with 10 slight difference. The goal is to, of course, spot the 10 difference in 60 seconds . ( 1 minute. )

Once time is up, the valley girl narrator (played byStephanie Underwood ) will reveal the 10 differences.

Tips and Tricks:[]

To know which twin is who, Paige is on the left, and Sage is on the right.

The twins will be in different locations in each game; they could be in the kitchen, at the beach, at the mall, etc.

Some of the differences can be easily spotted, and some are harder to find (try looking at the twins, looking in the corners of the picture, and looking at every object in the picture.

The twins move throughout the 60 seconds of the game which cause some of the differences to be temporarily blocked or may even distract you.


  • Episode 1: Kitchen in episode 3 (After game systems overload)
  • Episode 2: Barbecue in episode 4 (Before game systems overload)
  • Episode 3: Bedroom in episode 10 (Before game systems overload)
  • Episode 4: Diner in episode 12
  • Episode 5: Party in episode 14 (Last game)
  • Episode 6: School in episode 15 (Last game)
  • Episode 7: Boardwalk in episode 16
  • Episode 8: Beach in episode 17 (Last game)
  • Episode 9: Mall in episode 19 (Before game systems overload)
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  • This segment was removed in season 2, possibly because the creators of the show didn't want to get sued by Mattel (the creators of the Barbie dolls).