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The Cafeteria is a place where the robots in the Crashbox factory eat and get mechanical-based food. This short interstitial appears in Season 2.


  • Episodes 40 and 46: The chefs serve a robot Bolts Wellington (spoof on Beef Wellington), when he trips and spills the food. The parts form into a strange UFO creature, and the robot quickly chomps it but spits it out at a nearby monitor screen.
  • Episodes 41 and 47: An impatient girl robot headbutts the lunch line in front of her, which causes a green robot in front of her to throw her in the air, causing her to fall into the chef's cooking pot. She slurps up the food and burps.
  • Episodes 42 and 48: A chef is sprinkling pepper into a dish, when he sneezes which causes his right eye to spring out. He shows his tricks to the other chef, but she pulls his eye back and makes him fly to a television screen. He laughs as both of his eyes start springing up and down.