Dirty Pictures
Dirty Pictures
"Next game on the way: Dirty Pictures!"


Dirty Pictures is a history based "guess who" game, similar to Haunted House Party. The games takes place in an art museum closed for cleaning. The maid will periodically dust off parts of a portrait of a historical figure. An old security guard will hold up cue cards in between with other clues.

Eventually, part of the nameplate is revealed, providing extra evidence. And shortly after, the entire picture is clean.

Unlike most games, there are no speaking characters.

The game's title is an obvious reference to "dirty pictures", as in sexually suggestive ones. An alternative name like "Dusty Pictures" may have been more appropriate.

Segments Edit

Episode 4: Vincent Van Gogh

Episode 7: Napoleon Bonaparte

Episode 8: John F. Kennedy

Episode 9: Hillary Rodham Clinton

Episode 11: Cleopatra

Episode 13: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Episode 14: Robin Hood

Episode 21: Ludwig Van Beethoven

Episode 24: Pocahontas

Episode 28: Charlie Chaplin

Episode 31: Ronald Reagan

Episode 35: Mahatma Gandhi

Episode 36: Neil Armstrong

Episode 37: Pablo Picasso 

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