Distraction News
Distraction News
"First game up, Distraction News!"

"Distraction News on the air in 3, 2, 1..."


Distraction News is a "stay focused" game. In this segment, Dora Smarmy, your "favorite" cardboard cutout anchorperson, talks about a topic while some nonsensical distractions try to keep you from listening. After she's done, she asks 5 multiple choice questions about the topic she just discussed.

Dora will then conclude the segment with "Don't let anything distract you from watching Distraction News".

This is the only game in which ALL the answers needed are provided, with no outside knowledge necessary.

Segments Edit

Episode 1: Tornadoes (Thunderstorm, Tronada, United States, Over 300 mph, Water Spouts)

Episode 3: Flight (Air, Lift, Wings, Bernoulli, Drag)

Episode 4: Dinosaurs (Mesozoic, Lizard, Vegetarian, T-Rex, Dog)

Episode 8: Earthquakes (Plates, Heat and Gases, Fault, Tsunami, Seismograph)

Episode 9: Mummies (Preserved Bodies, Nearly 5000 Years, Vital Organs, Saltpeter, Wrap in Bandages

Episode 11: Insects (Spine, Outside Body, Hair, Millions of Years, Thorax)

Episode 15: The Ear (Sound Waves, Ear-Drum, Stirrup, Tiny Hairs, Brain)

Episode 16: Milky Way (Stars, Gas, Year, Spiral, 200 Billion)

Episode 18: United Nations (Peace, Assembly, Security, Blue Helmet, Very Own Land)

Episode 27: The Heart (Arteries, Capillaries, Carbon Dioxide, Veins, The Lungs)

Episode 28: The Thermometer (Heat and Measure, Mercury, Expand, Contracts, Infra-Red Rays)

Episode 31: How Bees Make Honey (From a Flower, Straw-Like Tongue, Enzymes, Cells of Honeycomb, Water)

Episode 32: Volcanic Eruptions (Grows, Gases, Vents and Craters, Lava, Volcanic Bombs)

Episode 34: Submarines (To Move Swiftly, Sea Water, Submarine Sinks, Resurfaces Quickly, To Keep it From Being Crushed)

Episode 35: The Statue of Liberty (France, Bartholdi, Her Steel Skeleton, Shipped in Pieces, Walk Up 354 Steps)

Episode 37: Vaccination (Develop Immunity, Cow, Dr. Edward Jenner, Milkmaids, 1977)

Episode 39: How we Speak (Larynx, Trachea, Vibrate, Words, Hoarse)

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