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Dora Smarmy is the preppy news person who stars in the segment Distraction News, where she reports on various practical events while nonsensical things happen around her. 


Dora appears to be made of various cardboard/paper craft pieces. Her blonde curly hair is made of construction paper, and is apparently a wig according to episode one when she mentioned how fast Tornados can go, "Uh-oh, I better hang on to my wig!", in episode 1 and episode 27. Her face is a light shade of pink with rosey cheeks, and their eyes are sea green with big lashes. She wears a brown partially striped suit over a yellow flowery blouse, as well as a necklace and watch. 

Her mouth moves independently from her head like a marionette, and her head only moves a little bit here and there. Her arms are also only moved on occasion as if to shuffle papers.


Not much is known about Dora's personality off camera, but on camera she is very upbeat and speak in a cheery tone as any professional news person should. She appears to be very passionate about her job, and don't distract easily despite the chaos around her. In fact she don't even acknowledge it.


Dora Smarmy is implied to be a female, as she is referred to as a newswoman, which is most common among HBO children's programming. As well as that, she are never referred to as any certain pronouns or otherwise.


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