Ear We Are
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"*knock knock knock knock knock* Ear We Are! *continues knocking*"


Ear We Are is a "guess the sound" and a "where are we?" game. The segment follows "the exploits of two lost ears who are struggling to find their place in the world". The ears will play sounds for each other (as well as show a minimalist animation though the sound waves) and they, along with the player, has to guess what the sound is.

The second goal of the game is to use the three sounds to determine where the ears are, hence the name "Ear We Are".

The left ear is usually more stubborn, while the right ear is more goofy and oblivious.


(Announcer) Good evening and welcome to another episode of... "Ear We Are!" As we follow the adventures of two lost ears trying to find their place in the world. So, ear we go!

(Announcer) That concludes today's episode of "Ear We Are." And we are... outta ear!


Episode 1: Bull, Lasso, Man falling off a horse (RODEO)

Episode 3: Mustard, Man winning a prize in a hammer and bell game, Rollercoaster (AMUSEMENT PARK)

Episode 5: Man hitting thumb with a hammer, Jackhammers, Men whistling (CONSTRUCTION SITE)

Episode 6: Man lifting something heavy, Punching bag, Woman putting on a leotard (GYMNASIUM)

Episode 9: Drinking a soda, Someone stepping on people’s toes, film projector (MOVIE THEATER)

Episode 13: Two guys colliding, Guy hitting something hard, Ice skates (ICE HOCKEY GAME)

Episode 16: Lion, Custard pie in the face, Man being shot out of a cannon (CIRCUS)

Episode 21: Fastball, Kitty, Swing (FUN)

Episode 25: Bubbles, Propeller, and Sonar (SUBMARINE)


  • The opening animation of the radio tower is the logo for the 1920s company RKO Radio Pictures.

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