Eddie Bull
Eddie Bull
"Hey folks, this game is Eddie Bull!"


Edward "Eddie" Bull (a play on the word "edible") is a zoology "guess who" game. At the Walla Walla Washington Zoo, Eddie says “this week we are going to“ but gets interrupted as he gets eaten by an unknown animal. The goal is to guess which animal ate Eddie. Eddie will give hints, such as the animal's appearance or behavior.

Once Eddie reveals the animal and imitates it, he exits the animal and the segment ends with the sign raising up

This is the one of the only games with a theme song aside from the jingles heard in Think Tank.

Several episodes answers are a fairly small animal, which would be unable to eat Eddie whole, much less allow him to swim though their digestive system. Other episodes contain herbivores which wouldn't eat meat in the first place, which does not make any sense.

His appearances is eyes, tan face, blue outfit, red cap, red tail with white polka dots on it, a red bowtie, light yellow gloves, and red and black boots.

Theme song Edit

Opening Theme:

Eddie Bull, he's edible!

He really is incredible!

He's simply the best of the bunch!

There's simply no disguising

that he's so appetizing!

And we want him for our lunch!

Closing Theme:

Eddie Bull, he's edible!

He really is incredible!

And we want him for our lunch!

Segments Edit

Episode 1: Beaver

Episode 3: Bald Eagle

Episode 6: Frog

Episode 8: Hyena

Episode 9: Camel

Episode 10: Penguin

Episode 15: Northern Fur Seal

Episode 19: Siberian Tiger

Episode 21: Kangaroo

Episode 22: Elephant

Episode 24: Black Bear

Episode 26: Chimpanzee 

Episode 31: Armadillo

Episode 33: Polar Bear

Episode 34: Octopus

Episode 37: Flamingo

Episode 38: Giant Anteater 

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