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Eddie Bull is an animal enthusiast as well as a desirable food item for zoo animals.


Eddie Bull appears to be a southern caricature. He wears bootie overalls and a bowtie, as well as a backwards red cap. There is some debate over what hangs out of his pocket, some say it is a handkerchief and some say it is a tentacle. We probably will never know the answer. He also has pink and brown work boots, most likely because he works around animals.

His waist is snatched and his thighs are massive, his arms are fully articulate but thanks to that dumptruck ass of his he can't move his legs. His mouth is actually a normal human mouth edited onto the clay model.


Eddie appears to be very naïve, and well versed in digestive tracts. He is able to identify what animal has vored him just by looking at their insides. He is sweet and friendly, but also worried every time he is swallowed.


Eddie makes it clear that he does not enjoy being eaten, but the animals enjoy swallowing him and spitting him up making this exchange count as a nonconsensual nonsexual vore.