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Extra Characters are characters that are neither Hosts nor Announcers. They star or feature in segments.

Sketch Pad[]

Extras include[]

The Sketch Band: Sketch's musical friends that serenade in the background, they have no personalities.

The Townspeople: People in the backgrounds of his drawings.

Sketch's Sketches: The characters that star in Sketch's comics

Ear We Are[]

Extras include:[]

Left Ear: The left ear is often rude and mean to the Right Ear, but also propositions them to play games despite generally appearing to not like them.

Right Ear: The right ear appears to be naïve and stupid about straight to the point things, but is capable of understanding abstract things.

Haunted House Party[]

Extras include[]

The Graveyard Ghouls: The Graveyard Ghouls are the stone figures and gargoyles that reside in the graveyard outside of the house, they never speak but appear to be sadistic and curious just like the Announcers.

The Butler: The Butler is the only 'alive' person in the house. He greets the guests as they die and help tell their stories about their lives to give the audience clues about their identities.

Eddie Bull[]

Zoo Animals: The zoo animals are the Claymation horrors that reside in the zoo and vore Eddie often as they can.


The Human: The Human lives in the basket beside The Riddle Snake and is charmed out of it when he plays his instrument.