Haunted House Party
Haunted House Party
"First game up, Haunted House Party!"

"Hehehehehe! Haunted House Party!"


Haunted House Party is a history "guess who" game, similar to Dirty Pictures. The goal, as said by the host, is to guess the mystery halloween party guest based on the conversations he has.

After several clues, the host will interrupt and summarize the clues before revealing the mystery guest, who is always a historical figure.

an example of said mystery guest is Abraham Lincoln

Segments Edit

Episode 1: Harry Houdini

Episode 2: Paul Revere

Episode 5: William Shakespeare

Episode 10: Benjamin Franklin

Episode 15: Richard Nixon

Episode 17: Abraham Lincoln

Episode 18: Eleanor Roosevelt

Episode 20: Albert Einstein

Episode 22: Christopher Columbus

Episode 23: Jackie Robinson

Episode 25: Thomas Edison

Episode 26: Leonardo Da Vinci

Episode 27: Thomas Jefferson

Episode 29: Noah

Episode 30: Cleopatra

Episode 32: Isaac Newton

Episode 33: Julius Caesar

Episode 34: Amelia Earhart

Episode 38: George Washington

Episode 39: Henry Ford


  • In Season 2, the narrator doesn't speak until the gargoyles open the gate. And also when the "mysterious mystery guest" finally is shown, the mouth movement is different from Season 1.

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