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Lens McCracken
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"Standby for Lens McCracken *camera noises*!"


Lens McCraken is a picture zoom puzzle game. Photographer Lens McCracken will present a case, and will show three pictures taken during the event. However, all the pictures are extremely zoomed in. The goal is to guess the 3 items in the pictures. Lens will give subtle hints as he shows you the pictures.

Eventually, Lens will put the photos into a machine, which will produce a non-zoomed image of the item.

Afterwards, Lens will describe an absurd description of the case involving the three items.

Tips and Tricks[]

This is one of the easier games. All you do is guess what the picture is.

Even if you don't get it at first, Lens will provide very obvious hints, such as a picture of snack pretzels saying you have to "crunch" the data.


Episode 1&15: The Case of the Hawaiian Luau Party Disaster! Corn, Flyswatter, and Pineapple in episode 4 and episode 37

Episode 2: The Case of the Mayor’s Missing Wife... Case! Pretzels, Hairbrush, and Jellybeans in episode 7

Episode 3: The Case of the Cracked Teapot Case! Licorice, Sponge, and Ping Pong Paddle in episode 8

Episode 4: The Case of the Dead Fishes... Case! Bike Tire, Ice Skate, and Straw in episode 9

Episode 5&16: The Case of the Missing Chihuahua That... Went Missing. Fire Hydrant, Skateboard, and Sesame Bun in episode 10 and episode 38

Episode 6: The Case of the Dead House Plant Case! Orange, Guitar, and Water Pistol in episode 12

Episode 7: The Case of the Stray Alaskan Husky! Ice Tray, Lemon, and Key in episode 13

Episode 8&13: The Case of the Hijacked Diamonds Case! Cookies, Baseball Glove, and the Grill of a Car in episode 15 and episode 28

Episode 9: The Case of the Stolen Cow! Strawberry, Sneaker, and Band-aid in episode 18

Episode 10&14: The Case of the Missing Dentures Case! Mushroom, Manhole Cover, and Toothbrush in episode 23 and episode 34

Episode 11: The Case of the Missing Pond! Brick Wall, Ice Cubes, and Broom in episode 24

Episode 12: The Case of the Terrible Tasting Pizza! Tennis Racket, Cheese Grater, and Baseball in episode 26

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