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Maintenance is a room in the Crashbox factory where an orange bot boss is seen working with a green bot. This interstitial appears in Season 2, alongside Cafeteria.


  • Episodes 43 and 49: The green bot is carrying a couple of boxes and is about to walk into an electric-static machine, when his boss tells him to stay away and to put the stuff elsewhere. The green bot ends up tripping and kicks the orange bot into the electricity. He tells his frazzled boss to stay away and to put the stuff away like he told him, and he does so. The green bot laughs and makes the "OK" hand sign to the camera.
  • Episodes 44, 50, and 52: The green bot climbs down a ladder with a mop and bucket, when he accidentally bumps his boss into a machine with a cotton-like substance. He is seen moving in a pipe, much to the green bot's confusion. He eventually gets out and dumps a goop of the substance on the other bot as he walks off. The cotton makes a beard on the green bot's face, which causes him to chuckle.
  • Episodes 45 and 51: The two bots are seen making a hovercraft-like device. The green bot looks at the instructions, but tosses them aside and pushes a button on the vehicle's remote. It starts to rev up, and with another press the vehicle drives away and crashes off screen. He tries to press a button again.