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Mug Shots is a miscellaneous "true or false" game.

Mug Shots
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"First game up: Mug Shots!" "Next game up: Mug Shots!"


Detective Verity will present a group of four bad guys. Each crook gives a description as to where they were and what they were doing during the crime when they confessed. Only one of them is innocent, while the others are guilty.


Episode 1&17: (The Stankowski brothers) in episode 3 and episode 38 (First Game Only)

  1. Muscles Stankowski said he was walking his dogs; a Husky and an Irish Setter (NOT GUILTY✓, Irish Setters and Huskies are 2 types of dogs).
  1. Knuckles Stankowski said he was picking Azaleas, Influenzas, and Chrysanthemums (GUILTY×, Influenzas aren't any kind of flower).
  2. Elbows Stankowski said he had just returned from Texas, where he saw Mount St. Helens (GUILTY×, Texas sure has a lot of things, but Mount St. Helens isn't one of em, that's because it's in the state of Washington).
  3. Stanley Deuces said he was at the bank changing his money to yen for a trip to China🇨🇳 (GUILTY×, The yen is used as money in Japan🇯🇵, Not China🇨🇳).

Episode 2&13: (The Notorious Gang of Four) in episode 6 and episode 31 (After Game Systems Overload)

  1. Sleepy Eyes McGee said he took his family to Utah to see the Grand Canyon (GUILTY×, the Grand Canyon is not in Utah, It's in Arizona).
  2. Checkers Larue said he and his wife were at a concert listening to a tune by Mozart (Ba ba ba bum) (GUILTY×, Mozart didn't write that tune, It's the fifth symphony by Beethoven).
  3. Billy Crimp said he was watching a show about penguins in Antarctica (NOT GUILTY✓, The Antarctic's a good place to find penguins).
  4. ntarctic's a good place to find penguins). 
  5. Mickey “the Goat” O’Grady said he was having a cast removed from his arm since he broke his femur and tibia (GUILTY×, the femur and tibia are bones you find in the leg, Not in the arm).

Episode 3: (Dentist’s Office Break-in) in episode 11 (First Game Only)

  1. Dr. Cleanpick said he was looking at the Mona Lisa by Michelangelo (GUILTY×, Michelangelo was a famous artist, but he didn't paint the Mona Lisa, Leonardo Da Vinci did).
  2. Chatty Cathy said she was working on her computer and defragged her hard drive and checked her e-mail (NOT GUILTY✓, Defrag logging on internet and email are all computer terms).
  3. Stinky John said he ran a 2:00 mile while training for the Olympics (GUILTY×, He didn't run a 2:00 mile, because nobody can).
  4. Sam Spit said he got a new compass that points due West (GUILTY×, a compass doesn't point West, It points due North).

Episode 4&15: (Philadelphia Chamber Orchestra) in episode 16 and episode 36

  1. Viola Hardcase said she was at a Steven Spielberg film festival watching E.T., Jurassic Park, and Independence Day (GUILTY×, Spielberg didn’t make Independence Day, it was made by Roland Emmerich, or “some other guy” as Verity calls him).
  2. Bass Henderson said he was at the Panama Canal where boats pass between the Atlantic and Indian Oceans  (GUILTY×, the Panama Canal connects the Atlantic with the Pacific, Not the Indian ocean).
  3. Willow Reed said she was in Africa bagging 2 tigers and a rhinoceros (GUILTY×, There are no tigers in Africa).
  4. Fingers Weinstock said he was at his cousin’s wedding, where he ate a traditional Italian meal of linguini, fettuccini, and cannelloni (NOT GUILTY✓, linguini, fettuccini, and cannelloni are all invented foods from Italy🇮🇹).

Episode 5&16: (The Lemon Sisters) in episode 19 and episode 37

  1. Honey Lemon said she was at the orthopedist to get braces (GUILTY×, You go to the orthopedist if you break a bone, if you want braces on your teeth, you go to an orthodontist).
  2. Candy Lemon said she was at the planetarium and saw the red planet, Venus. (GUILTY×, The red planet is Mars, Not Venus).
  3. Sugar Lemon said she was in Austria🇦🇹 and saw kangaroos and scuba dived in the Great Barrier Reef (GUILTY×, Kangaroos and the Great Barrier Reef are in Australia🇦🇺, not Austria🇦🇹).
  4. Puddin’ Lemon was at the art gallery looking at Still Life with Sunflowers by Vincent Van Gogh (NOT GUILTY✓, Vincent Van Gogh did paint the Still Life with Sunflowers).

Episode 6&11: (The Felonious Four) in episode 20 and episode 28 (Non-Rewind in episode 28)

  1. “Lug Nut” Muldoon said he was taking singing lessons on the Star Spangled Banner written by Betsy Ross (GUILTY×, Betsy Ross didn't write the national anthem, It was Francis Scott Key).
  2. Sammy Bixby (aka Sammy “Six Toes”) said he was in Alaska snapping pictures of Mt. Rushmore (GUILTY×, Mt. Rushmore is in South Dakota, not Alaska).
  3. Scooter Hayes said he was in a dance contest with his girlfriend Sheila, where they did the Rhumba, the Twist, and the Lambada (NOT GUILTY✓, The Rhumba, the Twist, and the Lambada are all real dances).
  4. Larry Coolridge “the Lump” said he had some food stuck in his asparagus, the food pipe (GUILTY×, Asparagus infact is a vegetable, while the technical name for food pipe is really esophagus).

Episode 7&12: (The Robber Barons) in episode 21 and episode 29

  1. Lois Carnegie said she was at a party wearing a 10 gallon hat that could hold 10 gallons of water (GUILTY×, a 10 gallon hat couldn't even hold 1 gallon of water).
  2. Morgan Pike “Applesauce” said he started a business selling old coins and bills and has a great deal on a $2 bill (NOT GUILTY✓, The $2 bill is not so phony as a $3 bill).
  3. Mitch Vanderbilt said he was bird watching with his nephew, and they saw gulls, geese, and guppies (GUILTY×, A guppy is a fish and not one of those flying ones either).
  4. Mellon Ball Jones said he is from France where they drive on the other side of the road (GUILTY×, In France🇫🇷, They drive on the same side on the road as we do).

Episode 8&14: (The Four Horsemen Gang) in episode 23 and episode 34 (First Game Only)

  1. Dean De Luca said he was in Philadelphia replicating Paul Revere’s midnight ride (GUILTY×, Paul Revere was in Boston on the faithful day, Not Philadelphia).
  2. Gilbert Sullivan said he was in the reptile house teaching otters to swim (GUILTY×, An otter is a furry mammal and not a scaly reptile).
  3. Louis Clark said he finished an around the world trip that involved all 7 continents and all 5 oceans (NOT GUILTY✓, There really are 7 continents and 5 oceans).
  4. Roger Hammerstein said he was at the science museum and they had an exhibit on Thomas Edison, the inventor of the fax machine (GUILTY×, Thomas Edison invented a lot of things, but not the fax machine).

Episode 9&10: (The Hatchet Gang) in episode 25 and episode 27

  1. Baby Face MacGuire said he was feeding his birds; a budgie, a parakeet, and a python (GUILTY×, Budgies and parakeets are birds, While a python is a snake).
    , a python is a snake, and snakes are reptiles). 
  2. Leo “the Lion” Lawrence said he was in his garden planting vegetables; tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers (GUILTY×, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, & are really all fruits).
  3. Danger Jones was in Chicago at the tallest building in the United States🇺🇲, the Sears Tower (NOT GUILTY✓, He was at the Sears Tower of Chicago, The tallest building in the United States🇺🇲) (Aired before Sears Tower changed its name to Willis Tower and has since been passed by One World Trade Center in New York🗽).
  4. Slippery Fingers Ferguson said he was practicing piano and played all the notes A through H (GUILTY×, Musical notes go from A through G, Not H).

Episode 18: (The Over the Hill Gang) in episode 41

  1. Mildred Postley said she was in Hawaii, the 50th State (NOT GUILTY✓, Hawaii is the 50th of the United States🇺🇲).
  2. Irv Goldberg said he was at his son’s Jewelry business sorting sapphires, amethysts, and quagmires (GUILTY, A quagmire isn't some kind of gem, it’s just a fancy name for swampy land).
  3. Rupert Brindle said he was at a motorcycling competition in Brazil🇧🇷 where everyone spoke Spanish (GUILTY, Brazilians speak Portuguese, Not Spanish).
  4. Sergio Corleone said he was at the aquarium with his daughter and they saw a baby dolphin hatch out of its shell (GUILTY, Dolphins do not hatch from eggs, they're mammals just like human beings) (There are some mammals that hatch from eggs in Australia🇦🇺, they are the duck-bill platypus and echidna, also called the spiny anteater, which together make up the monotremes).

Episode 19: (Ding-a-Ling Brothers Circus) in episode 42 (First Game Only and Non-Rewind)

  1. Buttons Ha-Ha said he was rehearsing to be a one man band and played the kazoo, the bassoon, and the caboose (GUILTY×, the caboose isn’t a musical instrument, it’s the last car on a freight train).
  2. “Pecs” Armstrong said he was bending metal bars with his pinkies, and that he used titanium, terrarium, and aluminum (GUILTY×, terrarium isn’t a metal, it’s a tank where you keep plants and small animals).
  3. Ivana Flipova said she flew back from Russia🇷🇺, the largest country in the world (NOT GUILTY✓, Russia🇷🇺 really is the biggest country in the world.).
  4. Gilberto Whiplash said he was knitting a cashmere sweater for his mother out of sheep’s wool (GUILTY×, Cashmere is from a special kind of goat, Not a sheep).

Episode 20: (The Baker Street Gang) in episode 44 (Non-Rewind)

  1. Stu Rumplitz “The Peeper” said he was whale watching, where he saw a mother and her babies, called pups (GUILTY×, Baby whales aren't called pups, They're called calves).
  2. Jimmy “The Geek” Hudsucker said he was working on a toothpick model of Monticello, Thomas Jefferson’s home (NOT GUILTY✓, Monticello really was Thomas Jefferson's home).
  3. Jean Pierre Le Saux “Frenchy” said he was taking a cruise on the Amazon River which is the longest river (GUILTY×, The Amazon river isn't the longest river in the world, The Nile is).
  4. Hossenpfeffer Floog said she was studying the seven ancient wonders of the world which none are still standing (GUILTY×, the Ancient Pyramids are still around).

Episode 21: (Hollywood actors) in episode 46 (Non-Rewind)

  1. Montgomery Cleft said he was at an exclusive beach with sands imported from the best deserts; the Gobi, the Everglades, the Sahara (GUILTY×, the Everglades is a swamp, not a desert).
  2. B.B. McGraw said he was working at two birthday parties, where he did his famous act of throwing a $10 bill in the air and shooting Thomas Jefferson right between the eyes (GUILTY×, Jefferson isn't on the $10 bill, Alexander Hamilton is).
  3. Lollipop Greene said she was giving a book report about the Wright Brothers who were the first people to fly solo across the Atlantic (GUILTY×, They were the first to successfully fly an airplane, the Wright Brothers never crossed the Atlantic).
  4. Sir Percival St. John said he has performed on some of the world’s greatest stages, including Greenland, which is the biggest island in the world (NOT GUILTY✓, Greenland really is the biggest island).

Episode 22: (The Peoria Petunias baseball team) in episode 47 (Non-Rewind)

  1. “Bean Ball” Ballou said she was reading a book about the first Russians to land on the Moon (GUILTY×, No Russians have been to the moon).
  2. “Spitter” Sykes said he was serving Great Lakes salt water taffy to some friends (GUILTY×, the Great Lakes are fresh water lakes, Not saltwater).
  3. “Lumber” Jack Lang said he was visiting his grandmother in Tallahassee, Florida the state capital (NOT GUILTY✓, Tallahassee is the capital of Florida).
  4. Edgardo Polonia said he was using the telephone invented by Edison (GUILTY×, Edison didn't invent the telephone, Alexander Graham Bell did).

Episode 23: (Mudville Drag Racing Team) in episode 49 (First Game Only and Non-Rewind)

  1. Dusty Rhodes said she was picking out fruits; lemons, tomatoes, and avocados (NOT GUILTY✓).
  2. Indy Pitts said his twin brother has the same fingerprints (GUILTY×, No two people, Not even twins have the same fingerprints).
  3. Axel Schmidt said he was at an antique store buying 18th century contact lenses (GUILTY×, contact lenses weren’t invented until the 20th century).
  4. Tranh Long said he was in the hospital because he broke his baby toe, the smallest bone in the body (GUILTY×, the smallest bone is called a stirrup and it's not in your foot, It's in the ear).

Episode 24: (Elderly Women) in episode 50 (First Game Only)

  1. Gertrude Simsbury said she was in Miami, Florida which was one of the original 13 colonies (GUILTY×, Florida wasn't one of the original 13 colonies, It was the 27th state into the union in 1845).
  2. Elaine Kieserman said she was in Washington DC reading the Declaration of Independence that started with We the People (GUILTY×, The declaration of independence doesn't begin with "We the people", The US constitution does).
  3. Mathilda Hudson-Billingsley said she was watching a show about George Washington who slept in the White House (GUILTY×, He never slept in the White House, Because they didn't start building it until after Washington was already dead).
  4. Constance Appleby said she was taking a class on American history and claimed America was named after Amerigo Vespucci (NOT GUILTY✓, America🇺🇲 really was named after Amerigo Vespucci, the Italian explorer).

Episode 25: (The Plug Uglies) in episode 51 (First Game Only)

  1. Noseless Calhoun said a mule is a cross between a horse and a donkey (NOT GUILTY✓, Mules are a cross between a horse and a donkey).
  2. “Three Eyes” Oppenheimer said he was watching a show about India, which has more people than any other country in the World (GUILTY×, India🇮🇳 doesn't have the most people, China🇨🇳 does).
  3. Harry “The Hairy” Huang said he was making a 3 grain bread made of barley, oats, and fleece (GUILTY×, fleece isn't a grain, it’s the wool you get from sheep).
  4. “Big Noggin” Simms said he got a rare photograph of George Washington (GUILTY×, It doesn't even exist, Washington died in 1799, The first photograph wasn't taken until 1839).


  • My name’s Verity. I bust bad guys. You wanna help? Come on in. We got four suspects pinned down, three of them are guilty. Listen to their stories and spot the mistakes, the ones that lie did the crime.
  • Remember: only one of these mugs is telling truth. The other three are lying.
  • Well, just like I figured. Each criminal all but confessed. Did you spot the mistakes?