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Professor Albert Rocket is the loud, feral, and eccentric mathematician who hosts Psycho Math.


Professor Rocket is a mélange of various puppetry pieces and robotic attachments. The exact details of his design are difficult to discern, but his head appears to be some sort of robotic piece with a digital screen attached to the bottom to show his mouth. His eyes are made of a plus sign and the number 6, which both move very slightly on occasion. His hair is bent pieces of metal meant to mimic traditional mad scientist 'electrified' type hairstyles. Professor Rocket wears a rather strange short sleeved green tailcoat over his robotic body that shows off his ruler arms and hands.

Unlike most characters, he is completely mobile on practically every part of his body. His arms and hands are fully articulate, his face moves very fluently, and he rotates and moves around often.


Professor Rocket is meant to appear 'psychotic' in the sense that he is erratic and unhinged. He speaks loudly and raucously, enjoying screaming as it makes him feel good according to episode 1. He also enjoys being shocked, as he says it "clears the sinuses!" He is passionately aggressive to the point of 'blowing his mind' quite literally, but appears to be smart and funny as well.


Professor Rocket appears to be Christian and American. He also may come off as bigotted or culturally centric, as he believes the audience will all know intricate details about Christian Mythology as well as American geography.