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Radio Scramble
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"First game (up): Radioooo Sc-ramble!"


Radio Scramble is an "unscramble the word" game. The host, Jumpin' Johnny Jumble (his name is often mixed up to introduce the show's concept), will play a song with a mixed up lyric, which is repeated throughout the song, as well as hints at the unmixed word. After that word is revealed, Johnny will have another segment (either traffic with Captain Copter, sports news with Billy, weather with April Showers, or a "Commercial Spot") with a mixed up word, before playing another song.

Johnny is voiced by Peter Lurie.


Episode 1&14 (In episode 2 and episode 31) (First game only):

Q1: Facriatee = Cafeteria

Q2: Slamowshlamr = Marshmallows

Q3: Chahadee = Headache

Episode 2 (In episode 6) (First game only):

Q1: Dab Habert = Bad Breath

Q2: Ebba Hurt = Babe Ruth

Q3: Tedubath = Butthead

Episode 3 (In episode 9) (First game only):

Q1: Kalbstable = Basketball

Q2: Sitruf = Fruits

Q3: Rupse Dolsem = Super Models

Episode 4 (In episode 10) (First game only):

Q1: Rabrily = Library

Q2: Whamoshut = Mouthwash

Q3: Zazildrb = Blizzard

Episode 5&17 (In episode 15 and episode 39) (Before game systems overload in episode 15):

Q1: Arrbywerst = Strawberry

Q2: Snupate = Peanuts

Q3: Rhinucarse = Hurricanes

Episode 6 (In episode 17) (First game only):

Q1: Ugpink = Puking

Q2: Leanelhow = Halloween

Q3: Roshe Crinag = Horse Racing

Episode 7&16 (In episode 18 and episode 36):

Q1: Ninsorg = Snoring

Q2: Gehu Tefe = Huge Feet

Q3: Stindet = Dentist

Episode 8 (In episode 20) (First game only):

Q1: Chilument = Lunchtime

Q2: Rhubegrams = Hamburgers

Q3: Riget Sodow = Tiger Woods

Episode 9 (In episode 21):

Q1: Dryko = Dorky

Q2: Raredwune = Underwear

Q3: Dipsut Snogs = Stupid Songs

Episode 10 (In episode 22):

Q1: Ghitt Thross = Tight Shorts

Q2: Hipscan = Spinach

Q3: Tritenen = Internet

Episode 11&15 (In episode 24 and episode 35) (First game only):

Q1: Pucketh = Ketchup

Q2: Ransotatu = Astronaut

Q3: Praide = Diaper

Episode 12&13 (In episode 26 and episode 30) (After game systems overload):

Q1: Lempip = Pimple

Q2: Fecefo = Coffee

Q3: Kime Zapazi = Mike Piazza

Episode 18 (In episode 41) (Last game):

Q1: Krowmeho = Homework

Q2: Trestasm = Mattress

Q3: Yedmatin = Dynamite

Episode 19 (In episode 43):

Q1: Preatetreum = Temperature

Q2: Sude Racs = Used Cars

Q3: Twiglerns = Wrestling

Episode 20 (In episode 46):

Q1: Lunahigg = Laughing

Q2: Kram Crumige = Mark McGuire

Q3: Gagunale = Language

Episode 21 (In episode 48):

Q1: Dekab Nabes = Baked Beans

Q2: Tromcupes = Computers

Q3: Stremeti = Termites

Episode 22 (In episode 49):

Q1: Tryisho = History

Q2: Treaka = Karate

Q3: Motherstrund = Thunderstorm 

Episode 23 (In episode 51) (Before cafeteria/maintenance segments):

Q1: Kencich = Chicken

Q2: Dwownis = Windows

Q3: Nesinush = Sunshine

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