Revolting Slob
Revolting Slob
"*sniff sniff* Ew! Revolting Slob!"


Revolting Slob is a vocabulary game about a slob who lives in a trashed house. In each episode, the Revolting Slob will be doing something, such as eating, before an off-screen lady narrates what he is doing. In the each episode, the Slob will do a disgusting action, which would result in a three choice question as to what new word would best fit the situation. This will happen another 2 times.

After a recap of all the correct words, the narrator will define one of the incorrect words. This word will be one relating to the exploding or disappearing, which results in the Slob doing either exploded or going kablooey. However, the narrator would remind the views that "No Slobs were hurt in the making of this segment".

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