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Sketch is a smooth talking artist who appears to be modeled after a stereotypical jazz enthused artist from the 70s. He stars in the segment Sketch Pad, where he shares deep thoughts and pictures from his own sketch pad.


Sketch wears a purple turtleneck, dark sunglasses, and a black beret. His skin is completely white, including fingernails, and he appears to have a goatee. Contrary to most characters, he is completely cartoony and does not move his mouth.

Although his mouth does not move, his legs, arms, and hands are animated completely mobile, though he draws without moving them.


Sketch's personality is smooth and artistic. He talks slowly and soulfully, which seems to be because of his jazz poet influences. He thinks deep and existentially (as artists often do) and feels inclined to share these thoughts, even if they appear to make no sense.

He draws often comics, as well as his friends, and appears to be passionate about them.


See: Sketch Pad [1]