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The Riddle Snake does not speak, instead is spoken for by the narrator. For this reason, he is believed to be gender ambiguous as nonverbal Hosts' genders are often replicated in their Announcers.


The Riddle Snake is pink and coiled up. He appears to be made of wood and possibly fully articulate, but is only ever shown moving his head and tail. His eyes are yellow and squinted, and has odd small teeth.

He seems to be wearing an Indian turban, which is mirrored in the crass Indian inspired setting. He also plays a snake charmer's flute, though it appears to be a normal clarinet.


Not much is known about the Riddle Snake aside from the fact he is 'mysterious and wise'. His Announcer is sensual and mystical in her speech, which is echoed in his character.


The Riddle Snake is a reverse snake charmer, instead of charming a snake out of a basket, he instead charms an unnamed human.


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