Think Tank
Think Tank
"Think, think think! Tank!"
Description Find what 3 items have in common


Think Tank is a "find the similarity" riddle game much like the board game Tribond. The game is hosted by Captain Bob, a Jamaican submarine captain who is trapped in a fish tank, riding around in his submarine. Bob will show the viewer 3 objects, and the viewer is tasked with figuring out what they all have in common before the tank is fully drained (when time runs out). There are two riddles per segment.

Despite Eddie Bull being the only game with a theme song, Think Tank has musical jingles sung by Bob's paintings.

Segments Edit

Episode 4: 

Q1: Circus, Marriage Couple, and Saturn (Rings)

Q2: Wave, Heart, and Dinner Plate (Break)

Episode 5:

Q1: Computer, the Stock Market, and Car (Crash)

Q2: Hair, Atom, and Banana (Split)

Episode 6: 

Q1: Birthday Present, Window, and Safe (Open)

Q2: Baseball, Horseshoe, and Salad (Toss)

Episode 12:

Q1: Clock, Person, and Card Game (Hands)

Q2: Fish, Train, and Baseball (Catch)

Episode 13: 

Q1: Politician, River, and Sprinter (Run)

Q2: Hands, Feet, and Toolbox (Nails)

Episode 14: 

Q1: Baby, Count Dracula, and Vacuum (Suck)

Q2: Pages of a Book, Autumn Leaves, and Car Steering Wheel (Turn)

Episode 18:

Q1: Duck, Baseball Cap, and Wallet (Bills) 

Q2: Golfer, Gate, and Monkey (Swing)

Episode 19: 

Q1: Muscles, the Truth, and Rubber Band (Stretch) 

Q2: Moose, Clown, and Car (Horns)

Episode 25: 

Q1: Corn, Balloon, and Weasel (Pop)

Q2: Paper Airplane, Laundry, and Arms (Fold)

Episode 29:

Q1: Birthday Present, Window and Safe (Open)

Q2: Baseball, Horseshoe and Salad (Toss)

Episode 32:

Q1: Politican, River and Sprinter (Run)

Q2: Hands, Feet and Toolbox (Nails)

Episode 33:

Q1: Corn, Balloon and Weasel (Pop)

Q2: Paper Airplane, Laundry and Arms (Fold)

Episode 37:

Q1: Duck, Baseball Cap and Wallet (Bills)

Q2: Golfer, Gate and Monkey (Swing)

Episode 38:

Q1: Clock, Person and Card Game (Hands)

Q2: Fish. Train and Baseball (Catch)

Episode 41: 

Q1: New Jersey, Fisherman, and Tennis Court (Nets) (aired before the New Jersey Nets relocated to Brooklyn)

Q2: Train, Animal, and CD (Tracks)

Episode 44: 

Q1: Football, Congressional Bill, and Test (Pass)

Q2: Golf Ball, Car, and Nail (Drive)

Episode 46:

Q1: Safe, Smile, and Egg (Crack)

Q2: Telephone, Highway, and Actor (Lines)

Episode 50: 

Q1: Open Soda, Pancake, and Bad Singer (Flat)

Q2: Newspaper, Office Building, and Fairytales (Stories)

Episode 52: 

Q1: Camera, Basketball Player, and Stars (Shoot) 

Q2: Bread, the Sun, and Elevator (Rise)

Jingles Edit

"Can you help Captain Bob? He's jammin' in his sub!"

"Use your eyes, use your brain, before his clues go down the drain"

"Before old Bob hits the bottom, find what these three got in common"

"We helped Captain Bob, now he's jammin' in his sub!"

Additional ImagesEdit

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