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Word Shake
Word Shake.png
"Word Shake! *shake and spray* Word Shake!"


Word Shake is a syllable combination game. A live-action chef with a French accent will give you 2-3 words or letters that you must combine to form a new word. For example: Drag and In would become Dragon.

In the end, the whole kitchen explodes with flour as the Chef runs around laughing like an insane man.


Episode 1: Decay, Paradise, Minnesota, and The Easter Bunny in episode 2

Episode 2: Nosy, Spectacle, Shallow, and Hibernation in episode 11

Episode 3: Piano, Doctor, Engine, and Laundromat in episode 19

Episode 4: Secret, Purple, Animal, and Skinny Dip in episode 20

Episode 5: Onion, Error, Surprise, and Pandemonium in episode 21

Episode 6: Seal, Chocolate, Noodle, and Bikini in episode 22

Episode 7: Empty, Sprinkler, Spinach and Independence in episode 23

Episode 8: Beauty, Season, Paper and Hamburger in episode 24

Episode 9: Italy, Halloween, Neighbor and Artichoke in episode 25

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