Word Shake
Word Shake
"Word Shake! *shake and spray* Word Shake!"


Word Shake is a syllable combination game. A live-action chef with a French accent will give you 2-3 words or letters that you must combine to form a new word. For example: Drag and In would become Dragon.

In the end, the whole kitchen explodes with flour as the Chef runs around laughing like an insane man.

Tips and Tricks Edit

It helps to say the word in the same French accent as the chef

Segments Edit

Episode 2: Decay, Paradise, Minnesota, and The Easter Bunny

Episode 11: Nosy, Spectacle, Shallow, and Hibernation

Episode 19: Piano, Doctor, Engine, and Laundromat

Episode 20: Secret, Purple, Animal, and Skinny Dip

Episode 21: Onion, Error, Surprise, and Pandemonium

Episode 22: Seal, Chocolate, Noodle, Bikini

Episode 23: Empty, Sprinkler, Spinach and Independence

Episode 24: Beauty, Season, Paper and Hamburger

Episode 25: Italy, Halloween, Neighbor and Artichoke

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